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Philomé ROBERT

Dean & LIDGA Executive Advisor

Welcome to LIDGA!



L'Ouverture Institute for Diplomacy & Global Affairs (LIDGA) is an academic institution working in the field of higher education, research - nationally and internationally - and the initial and continuing training of executives.


LIDGA is an institution without political affiliation, but naturally open to all currents of thought dedicated to the well-being of the community and to the search for Truth.


Moving for nearly a quarter of a century into the new millennium, today's world is clearly entering a new phase of experimentation, using rapidly evolving communication and technology platforms, such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube, Zoom, among others. These new platforms have revolutionized for all intents and purposes the way we interact, acquire information, and conduct business and politics. They have also changed the traditional practice of international diplomacy, forcing us to resort to a rather modern practice, known as “digital diplomacy”.


That said and with regard to our good practices and the proud goals set by LIDGA, we strive first and foremost to open the world especially to our beautiful and proud youth of Haiti, but also to the youth of the whole world. To the latter, secondly, we intend to pave the way for them to access a bright future, by providing them with differentiated access to the digital sphere, where there are no limits to what they are entitled and will therefore have the duty to discover and that we will have made available to them: revealing details about knowledge. The one to acquire, of course!


Finally, we do not exist only to exist. We exist quite simply to guide, support and equip our young researchers and thinkers of tomorrow.


The future will tell the rest!

Notre philosophie
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We strive to open the world to young Haitians in particular and to the youth of the world in general. We are leading the way by creating access to the digital sphere, where there are no limits to what can be discovered. It is up to us to provide access to this key tool: knowledge. Finally, we exist to guide, support and equip young researchers and thinkers.

Notre histoire

LIDGA is a university level institution, working in the field of diplomacy and international affairs. Its name is a tribute to the historic leader and political strategist Toussaint L’Ouverture. LIDGA was founded in 2012 by Drack Bonhomme, researcher and expert in diplomacy and international relations.

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