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Candidates wishing to enroll in a program at LIDGA must fulfill the conditions required for this purpose and be officially admitted to undertake such studies.


No candidate can be automatically admitted to any LIDGA program if he does not prove that he has sufficient competence in written French, which will only be recognized following an admission exam administered by LIDGA.


Only candidates holding a French-speaking university degree will be exempt from the need to undergo such a test. In addition, to complete your admission application file at your ease and with complete peace of mind, we offer you the opportunity to complete this form online by clicking on: Online Application or by downloading the following registration file: Download Registration.

Registration Fees:


The registration fee for any LIDGA program is FIFTY US dollars or the equivalent in Haitian gourdes, at the time of registration.



Secretary Sanctatercia ANDRE


The Admissions Office

Open House Week:

September 23-24, 2021

Start of classes:

October 04, 2021

For more information:

Contact the Admissions Office

Mon-Fri/ 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Campus location:

4, Rue Maurepas (A), Delmas 60

Musseau, Port-au-Prince, HAÏTI

Tél: + 509 47 97 69 77

        + 509 32 18 00 52

WhatsApp : + 1 443 519-3231 (USA)


You can also request more information using this form:

Merci! Votre message a bien été envoyé.

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